There is nothing we love more than sharing brand new wedding films on the blog! We love reading the reactions from our couple and their family and friends as they relive their wedding day in a whole new way!  But what most people don’t realize is how much decision making goes into each final film that we create! From decisions made on the actual wedding day (like picking the best lit locations to film in, purposely placing each camera to get the best shot, and discerning when to film and when not to film to share the full story of each couple). To decisions made in the editing room  (such as song choice, purposely selecting clips to use in specific places, and choosing the audio that best helps tell the story of the day) there are many steps that go into each film, as you can see! 

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 2.06.09 PMIn this video, I go through the entire feature film of Adam and Meredyth’s wedding (one of our favorite films from last year) and break it down shot by shot. You’ll hear my thought process on everything from lens selection and camera placement, to audio choices and even color grading. This is definitely a lengthy video, but there is a ton of information to be found throughout the entire video. I love making these type of videos because not only is it a learning experience for me by analyzing my own work, but I think that it can be extremely beneficial for wedding filmmakers out there as well.

As always, if you have any questions about anything you’ve seen please feel free to leave a comment below or on the video itself! And if you enjoyed this video and want to have direct access to all the videos we post, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel for more content just like this! 

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Ty’s gift for storytelling began as just a young kid with a camcorder filming skits of his siblings. Often found browsing the latest tech reviews, Apple products, and industry trends; he’s a sharp dresser, quick thinker, and an avid explorer.

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Great run through! Really informative, especially about how you acheieve the story within your videos without just having the footage in chronological order. It’s a thumbs up from me :)