New Series: Premiere Pro Quick Tips!

I am super excited to announce a brand new video series that I’m starting today, called “Premiere Pro Quick Tips”! In this series of short series of tutorial videos, I’m going to be walking you through all of my favorite Tips & Tricks for getting the most our of Premiere Pro CC! I don’t have a definite time frame for how this series is going to roll out, but I am going to be intentionally releasing more and more of these videos in the weeks to come!

In our first video of the series, I show you a SUPER quick tip that will save you a ton of time. One of the biggest struggles we face as wedding filmmakers is keeping all our footage organized. There is nothing worse than getting into the groove of an edit, only to be derailed by searching high and low for a certain clip you want to use. That’s where markers come in.

I use markers in Premiere Pro to sort and organize my timelines. This ensures I can find all of the best clips, right when I need it. I think this is a small little trick that most people are unaware of, and can be super helpful! 


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