September 18, 2013

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I love this family! I spent a lot of time with them last year while living in West Virginia. I watched Lucia every day while Karissa worked. Bella was there as well when she wasn’t at daycare. Their little brother, Judah, was born after I was married and moved to Richmond, but I knew all about him while he was still in the womb. Seeing him in real life for the first time was the craziest thing!

My favorite part of every day was always right after Karissa got home from dropping Bella off at daycare. We would stand in kitchen and just talk about life. She celebrated with me and cried with me. She taught me more about marriage, adult life, and cleaning then anybody ever has. She challenged me to walk closer with the Lord and not let the little things steal my joy. On a funnier note, I learned the art of ironing and the beauty a squirt bottle adds to the process. As well as how to properly fold a towel and the glory of a napping child. I miss them often but am so thankful for the time I got to spend with them last year!

They graciously let us stay with them while we were shooting a wedding last weekend. Sunday was a beautiful day, so right before we left we thought we’d shoot a few photos of them! The girls have seriously grown up so much! They were running around like crazies which made it a tad difficult to take their pictures. Oh well, this definitely showcases their true sides :]

Enjoy a few of our favorites from the day!
This is Lucia to a T!

<3, Ashley

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This is beautiful tyler and ashley! I used to work at the daycare that Bella and Lucia go to and these pictures portray their personalities perfectly!