September 11, 2018

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As Ty and I were heading out to Mike and Michelle’s wedding this past weekend, we made a last minute decision to grab every umbrella we own in the house! It wasn’t raining in Richmond – and by what we could tell on the radar, it wasn’t raining at Stevenson Ridge where Mike and Michelle were getting married. But, the forecast said that it would later on so we brought all the umbrellas just in case!

Driving down interstate 95, it was raining on and off. Ty and I stopped by Chic-fil-a to pick up some lunch once we got into Fredericksburg and the downpour began. We immediately thought, “oh no, here it comes.” But we prayed it would lighten up before the big events of their day were to happen. And you know what, it did! We didn’t have to use ANY of our umbrellas!! The grass was still a little wet during portrait time, but I’m so glad we got some rain-free moments with these two!

Mike and Michelle’s story will be one of our favorites for a long time! They met in June 2010 when Mike was serving as a security guard with the Marines at the Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal. Michelle had just taken a TDY assignment to the Embassy. 

One her first day on the job, Michelle stepped outside to eat her lunch out the back door. When she tried to get back in, she realized that she was locked out. After a few panicked minutes of ringing the back doorbell, she decided to trek through the Embassy gardens around to the front. And by trek, I mean this wasn’t a leisurely walk. It was truly a trek up a huge hill to try her luck at the front door. Thankfully, the main entrance was open! She approached the security guard window and bluntly asked, “where have you been?” And Mike (the guard on duty) responded that he had been on a security rove.

While Mike’s thoughts, as he watched Michelle approach his window, were on a different level of interest than Michelle’s, they’ll never forget their unique meeting. They wouldn’t say that they “hit it off” right then. It would be four more years of distance, checking in on one another, and special relationship with Michelle’s grandma that would eventually bring them back together and begin their lifetime love story.

We’re so grateful for these two and the opportunity we had to share their story and document their wedding day! Enjoy this sneak peek! 


VideographerThe Herrintons

PhotographerLindsey Paradiso

Venue + Caterer Stevenson Ridge

FloristJane Guerin Flowers

Ceremony MusicBig Lux Violin

BandJerry Wimmer Trio

CakeEileen’s Bakery and Café

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