00041.00_00_11_23.Still003A few months ago we purchased our first ever Sony camera: the Sony A6300. This is an extremely popular camera right now because of its small size, affordability, and amazing image quality. My Sony A6300 and Zhuyun Crane review on YouTube has been very popular, with over 25,000 views which is CRAZY and goes to show the popularity of this camera! 

image 1 One thing that I was nervous about when purchasing this camera was getting acclimated to the Sony menu system. Although Sony has been dominating the video world with their mirrorless cameras lately, they are known for having notoriously awful menu systems in their cameras. When I got my A6300 it took me a week or two of scouring the internet for YouTube videos and random blog posts to discover all the little tweaks and changes I needed to make to get the camera ready to shoot video. Sony gives you a TON of control over the image and interface, way more than Canon or Nikon. But, a lot of the changes are hidden deep in the menus, and may not be obvious to someone picking this camera up for the first time. 
A6300 Setup

In this video, I’ve compiled all of the most important, non-obvious changes you’ll want to make to your A630o to get the most out of it. I walk you step by step through all of the changes and show you exactly how to make them. If you’re a new A6300 owner, this video should be helpful to you and will hopefully save you a lot of time! If you don’t own an A6300 and are considering picking one up, this will give you some good insight into the different options you have available, and what the Sony menu system is like.


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