This blog post is one that has been a long time in the making. Last year while creating our Business of Wedding Filmmaking Course, we spent a lot of time thinking about all the little details that go into running and operating our business. We quickly realized that we use A LOT of online subscription services to help keep this small filmmaking business of ours running efficiently! We get asked so many questions about the various tools we use and how to utilize them from other wedding filmmakers, so we decided to make a comprehensive list of all our favorites! 

We know that running a business is expensive! If we can help you save a bit of money here and there to run your business more efficiently, why would we not tell you about it?! Some of these links do contain affiliate links which we earn a small commission on. But it won’t cost you ANY extra to purchase through our links. In most cases, it will actually save you money! 

A lot of these tools will be beneficial to you no matter what kind of business you run, and a few are specific to our wedding filmmaker friends out there. So let’s jump into the list with the service that is at the core of everything we do: our client management software! 

Client Management Software


Questionnaires, Contracts, Invoices & More!

Two years ago we reached the point where we felt like our business had grown past the capacity that our old client management software system could handle. So we set out on a search for something new! That’s when we stumbled upon Honeybook. We were a little nervous about switching, but honestly the on-boarding process was amazing and couldn’t have been easier (they even transferred over all our client information from our old software!).

One of our favorite things about Honeybook is that they’re so much more than just another client management software. They’ve intentionally built a community of creative entrepreneurs, which made us feel like we were investing in real people and not just another software company. And they were excited to help us in any way that we needed – amazing customer service for the win!

We have been with Honeybook now for over two years and we still love it just as much! They are constantly updating their product and increasing the capacity of the software based on the feedback from their users! And truthfully, that’s one of our favorite parts about using Honeybook! They are incredibly community minded and also seek to serve the people that are actually investing in their product! 10 out of 10 recommend! (We also wrote a blog post about why we switched to Honeybook here!)

Price: $40/monthly, or $400/annually. 

Save: Get 50% off your first month or annual subscription through our link

Business Tools

Mile IQ

Milage Tracking App

This is BY FAR the #1 app I recommend to every single business owner! This app has saved us THOUSANDS of dollars by tracking and recording milage that we never would have written down. If you track milage for your business in any capacity, you need this app!

Mile IQ runs in the background of your phone and creates a new “drive” whenever you drive anywhere. (It sounds creepy, but it’s not! It also sounds like it would drain your battery, but it doesn’t!) Then by simply opening the app and swiping left or right on each drive, you can quickly classify them as “personal” or “business”. It’s SO easy. Then MileIQ generates a report at the end of every month with all your business drives logged in a super easy format that you can use for your tax records.

For years we really only tracked milage when driving to weddings, but never really wrote down our “around town” drives. You’ll be AMAZED how quickly the $5.00 drive here and there will add up over the course of a year! If I had to pick just one thing off this list to get, this would for sure be the one! 

Price: The app is free, but it’s $59.99/year to get unlimited drives.

Save: Get 20% off your annual subscription through our link


Email List Management

If you’ve looking into an email software to manage your mailing list but have felt overwhelmed by all the options and what they can or can not do for you – I highly recommend checking out Convertkit, now known as Seva. My favorite part about this software isn’t the software itself (while it’s amazing!). It’s the leaders who have made a community around this software. They truly are invested in making the platform as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Also, they are real people investing their real time into making this happen. If you’re looking for more info, I highly recommend watching this quick video about their transition to Seva and the beliefs they stand behind. I’ve never been prouder to invest money into a service before! 

Price: $29-$99/a month – price is based on your list size! You can check it out and sign up here through our link


Appointment Scheduling

Acuity is an online appointment scheduling software that we utilize to book coaching sessions! It is integrated with Stripe (the platform we use to accept payments) and makes it easy for us to see our “appointment” schedule at one quick glance! Ty uses Calendly to schedule calls for our “Ty’s Tech Line” podcast which integrates perfectly with our Google Calendar! But, it doesn’t integrate with our payment software (Stripe), which is why we still utilize Acuity for anything requiring a payment! 

Price – Free – $50/monthly (We have the Emerging package). You can check it out and sign up here through our link


YouTube Channel Management

TubeBuddy allows you to run your YouTube channel with ease! It offers you a variety of tools on the backend of your channel to help optimize your content and streamline your process as much as possible. It basically saves you time!! And who doesn’t want that?! It helps you to manage comments, universally update video descriptions, and run a bunch of analytic tests to help you see how your content is fairing in the YouTube world! We LOVE the template feature which allows you to save all the keywords and tags that you might use for one type of film – like if you do a lot of editing videos. You can click that template and all of your tags and keywords will automatically populate from your editing template! We HIGHLY recommend!

Price – $9-$39/monthly – we use the the Pro Package. You can check it out and sign up here through our link


Cloud Backup

This is our “cloud” back up storage solution and essentially our third back up. BackBlaze is NOT a longterm solution to archiving all of your files. It is essentially a mirror of the hard drives that you have connected to your computer (internal hard drives in your desktop + external hard drives that you have plugged in). BackBlaze is constantly uploading it to the cloud from whatever you have stored on your connected hard drives. But if you delete something off of your hard drive, it deletes it off of BackBlaze. It is a great option if you want a third “safe” back up that isn’t on a tangible piece of equipment! So, for example, if our house caught on fire and our editing hard drive (first back up) and mirrored hard drive (second back up) were melted to the ground, we would STILL have BackBlaze (third back up) with all of our back ups.

For all of my visual friends out there, this is for you! Essentially anything we have on our working drive, mirrored drive, and drobo copy up to BackBlaze. If we delete something, it deletes off of BackBlaze!

Price: $5/monthly 
Save: You can get a month for free with our link!

If you’re interested in hearing more about our footage archiving system, we made this YouTube video a few years ago that explains it! It’s intense, but it works!! Also, ChronoSync is the program that we use to mirror our working drive over to our second back up drive! 


Sales Page & Webinar Signups

This is the software that we use to build webinar sign up pages, sales pages, and to host our two courses! We love Clickfunnels because there is so much that you can do inside of it. They have a variety of templates that are accessible to you to build whatever it may be that you need to create to generate leads, to generate sales (like creating a sales page for an offer that you have) or to invite people to sign up for a webinar that you are hosting. We LOVE it!

Price: $97/monthly

Save: Get a 14 day free trial through our link

BONUS: Planoly

Instagram Planning App

This is the app that I use to schedule all of my Instagram posts. I LOVE it because it allows me to see my feed visually. I can upload photos or videos and decide how I want to arrange them and schedule them to post at whatever time I’d like them to go live. When it’s time for a post to go live, a notification is sent to my phone to post it manually.  I can type my captions in the app without fear of them being lost if I switch off the app. I also like that I don’t have to add in random emojis to break up my paragraphs. It automatically creates them! Another great thing about Planoly is that you plan out your content on a computer or on the app on your phone! I prefer to type with a keyboard than the tiny screen on my phone. So I like using the desktop version! There are also several analytic features that you can use to track the performance of your posts! I’ve been using this app for three years and can’t recommend it enough! 

Price: $9/monthly or $84/annually for a solo account. (Prices go up with more people on the account). You can check it out and sign up here through our link

Filmmaker Specific 


Online Video Hosting

Everyone has heard of Vimeo! This is the platform that we use to host all of our wedding films online! We think Vimeo integrates more beautiful into your website or blog because you have more control over how it looks! We’ve been using this for years and will probably use it forever and ever!

Price – $7 – $75/monthly billed annually 

Save – Get 25% off an annual, Plus, Pro, or Business membership through our link!

Music Licensing

If you’re a filmmaker, you know one of the greatest expenses is licensed music! We tried using other options to license songs individually when we were just getting started. BUT, that seriously got expensive FAST! We can’t recommend subscription based music sites with unlimited downloads! These are two of our favorites! You’ll can thank us later ;]


Licensed Music

Price – $16.60/a month or $199/annually 

Save – You get an extra 2 months on your subscription with our link!


Licensed Music

Price – $108 for one year.

Save – 20% off the Standard Package through our link 

There you have it! While there are a ton more services that we use to keep our business running on a day-to-day basis, these are by far the top 10 (+1, haha!) that we would recommend to anyone! Do you have a favorite subscription service that you use for your business? Tell us in the comments below!


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