We are Ty & Ash,

a husband-and-wife filmmaking duo who specialize in handcrafted films for weddings and creative entrepreneurs.

Ty is technical and concise; Ash is sweet and heartfelt. Together, we share a mutual love for storytelling, travel, and adventurous pursuits. We’re a fun-loving couple who is serious about our work. We exist for the couple who cares about their wedding day as much as they do all the days that come after.

We understand that the sheer amount of time, money, energy, and emotion that goes into planning a wedding can be monumental, but the memories it produces are truly immeasurable.

Because of that, each part of our process is intentionally selected for a reason that brings the heart behind your special day to life. In a world where nothing is perfect, we like to think the right equipment, the right editing tools, and the right touch can produce a film that’s pretty darn close to it. Behind every piece of equipment we use, there’s a purpose. It all comes together to form the sum of the parts, just as each little detail of your big day is special in its own unique way.

Our skill is in crafting a film that will forever represent the culmination of your relationship leading up to that day, and simultaneously, the celebration of beginning something far greater.

“For those moments that turn into memories so that
you’ll never forget that one time when…”

We’re willing to go the extra mile; doing whatever it takes to turn that ethereal, fairy-tale-like fantasy into your actual reality. Our ‘why’ comes from the joy that results when we get to highlight a special memory of that one time when

Your Mom gently pinning your grandmother’s brooch to your dress.
Your Dad seeing you all dressed in white for the very first time.
Your Groom shedding a subtle tear as he watches you walk down the aisle.
You speaking the words, committing you as husband and wife.
The Best Man delivering a one-liner worthy of “speech of the year”.

…whatever the moment is, it matters. You and your groom are what matter.

You don’t have to leave your wedding day memories to chance. You can cement it with a handcrafted film delivering a timeless remembrance of that one time when…


Meet Ty & Ash




The City Boy

Ty’s gift for storytelling began as just a young kid with a camcorder filming skits of his siblings in their day-to-day life. He can often be found browsing recent tech reviews, Apple products, or latest industry trends; he’s a sharp dresser, quick thinker, and an avid explorer.



The Southern Belle

A true sweetheart from Southwestern VA, Ash spent many Sundays after church sitting around the table with her grandparents, listening to stories about the “good ‘ole days”.  A talented visionary with a true heart for people, she’s likely to be found reading, writing, or planning their next big adventure.




Ash is a twin and Ty takes the lead as the oldest child. We are the people that we are because of these people right here.



We’ve deemed ourselves to be “craft coffee connoisseurs”. Hold the cream, hold the sugar, we’ll both take it black please.



We believe you should never take life too seriously. Having a photobooth at your wedding? Save a spot for us!



We drove 26,000+ miles on land last year and spent triple that in the air! Adventuring together is one of our favorite pastimes.



As much as we love to travel, we’re both glorified homebodies to our core. An afternoon spent on the couch with our favorite cab sav and homemade popcorn while binging our latest Netflix craze? We’re in!


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