September 09, 2013

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Everyone always says “Time is flying”. I’ve never really felt the reality of that statement until I graduated college and moved into the “real world”. Now, after being married for three months and watching Ty transition into the workforce, it seems to have a whole new implication in our lives. Summers are no longer for sitting by the pool for hours, praying the sun soaks deeper into your skin so that you have a darker tan than your sister. Summer also doesn’t resemble freedom and working because you want to save up for the epic end of the year road trip. Working becomes a must so that lights can stay on and food comes across the table. But in the hustle and bustle of all that, I think it’s easy to become like robots, tramping to the next, “have to” because we don’t really have the option of putting it off until tomorrow.

We also celebrated the life of a family member that went home to be with the Lord this past week. Funerals initiate grief and sadness instantly into my mind. However, this was quite the celebratory occasion as person after person spoke about his life and shared the impact he had on them. It was beautiful to hear the ways he pursued Christ until his last breath and cared about others more than himself while his body was shutting down internally. I was convicted in my own heart in hearing these things. I wondered if I am really praising Christ for this season of life that I’m in or if I’m standing in the shadows waiting for His blessing. And then when it comes, do I receive it and then revert back to the shadows to wait for more?

This past weekend while in the car for 6 hours, Ty and I talked a lot about this and life and if we’re really living the lives we’re called to. We drove to Morgantown, WV to shoot a wedding. It was great to shoot in a town we’ve both lived in and one that has so many of our dearest friends living there still. We stayed with the family I worked with last year. They have two little girls and just had a baby a month ago. It was crazy to see how much the girls have grown up! I spent most of my time with the youngest one. She’s a little over 1.5 and now says my name and almost full sentences. Her legs now support her running and tumbling onto her head is few and far between. Seeing how much they’ve grown in a mere 3 months shocked me. And honestly made me ponder this whole “time” ordeal and if I’ve become complacent with life. Isn’t it funny how busyness distracts us from really living sometimes?

This upcoming week marks a break in our busy schedule. It’ll be easy to overload this “break” with busyness, because it feels like that’s what we should do. But we’re making a commitment to find a balance in working and living and asking the Lord to lead us into a season of dependence on Him so that we don’t become complacent and forget to watch things like the leaves change. There’s a lot of newness coming to the blog this week and in the coming weeks as we push our rebranding into full force!

I hope you find time to relish in the goodness of the season you are in this week! That you don’t become complacent and realize 3 months from now all the things you’ve missed because busyness became your autopilot.



Here’s a sneak peek of the beautiful wedding we had the privilege of being a part of this past weekend! Happy Monday!


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