January 31, 2018

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Just a few weeks ago on January 11, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was going to start prioritizing person-to-person interaction in your newsfeed over businesses. He said that in the coming months, you’d be seeing less business posts and more person-to-person posts.


That’s one way to start an motivational blog post about how Facebook can change the game for you and your business…right?!

Over the past year, Ty and I have utilized Facebook as a strategic part of our marketing plan. We have one goal – to get as many eyes as possible on our work. And we’ve found that Facebook is one of the greatest tools to help us do just that! 

 Ty and I hopped on Facebook Live last night to dive in deeper about this topic. You can watch the full replay here if you’d like! 

Like anything, you have to take it all with a grain of salt. We would never suggest you “put all your eggs in one basket.” You can’t see Facebook as the end all be all in terms of your effective marketing plan. Don’t come to Facebook with only the intent to make sales. People will see through that! Instead, use it as a tool to increase your reach. Which in turn will hopefully, redirect potential clients to your website to inquire with you! 

Upload videos natively to your Facebook business page

Currently, Facebook is prioritizing video. This is great for us as filmmakers because video is the medium in which we communicate and the service that we are trying to sell. So, if we aren’t utilizing Facebook to share what we have to offer, we would be CRAZY! Our number one goal is to get as many eyes on our films as possible. If someone is scrolling through their newsfeed and sees your film, they are more likely to stop and watch. If they have to click on something like a blog post or youtube link, 9 times out of 10 they’ll keep scrolling. Don’t believe me? Here are actual stats from our FB page. The top bar is native video uploaded directly to FB. The bottom bar is blog posts shared from our website:

Write compelling copy

Everyone (even yourself) needs a reason to engage with something. If you start reading a post and it feels intriguing or interesting – you’re probably more likely to stick around and watch a video if there’s one attached to it. Why? Because you already feel engaged with the story by what you read. People need a reason to stop scrolling. Give them that reason by writing great copy! (I share a great trick on HOW we do this specifically in the video!)

Tag all the vendors’ Facebook pages

When you’re tagged in something on Facebook, you’re probably more likely to go and look at what it is, right? And if it’s from something you worked on as well – you’re probably going to engage with it, right? And then guess what? You’re probably going to share it! Why? Well, specifically if it’s a video, you know that it’s an easy way to showcase what you have to offer. This is another reason why Ty and I strive to highlight every vendor’s work in each film that we create in some way. I mean, the couple hired them too and wanted them to be a part of their day for a reason. Sharing the film and tagging all the vendors’ business pages is a win, win for all of us! More shares, more engagement, more awareness of our brand – #YES.

We’ll be back next week with another Facebook Live on our business page. We’ll be honing in on “Contracts for Wedding Filmmakers.” I feel like this is a rarely discussed topic in the industry and we’re excited to dive in to it with you! You can join us live by liking our business page and turning on notifications to be notified when we go live!


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