January 18, 2017

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When Ash and I got married I was “involved” in the wedding planning process. But…ultimately Ash was making the final decisions on most things. Which I was totally fine with! The one thing I was in charge of was the HONEYMOON! I did a bunch of research and booked the whole thing. It was going to be a complete surprise to Ash. Or….it was supposed to be.

Sparing you all the details, when Ash and I were dropped off at the airport we realized that we  forgot the camera bag. For most people, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But for me as a professional photographer, it felt like the world was ending. I played it cool, we went all the way through security, got to our gate, grabbed some dinner and began researching a zillion different ways to acquire a camera on our way to St. Lucia. Finally, I realized that every idea would cause a lot of unnecessary stress so we grabbed our carry-ons and headed back to the check-in counter. After a few switched flights, a night in a hotel we never planned on staying in with no luggage, we ended up with the camera bag and our honeymoon continued on without a hitch.

But to honest, we took very few photos with our nice professional camera. It just wasn’t that practical to bring around with us! And that got me thinking…what is the BEST way to document your honeymoon? Almost all of our brides and grooms go on a honeymoon at some time or another, and they all want to document their trip, even though they aren’t professional photographers or videographers. And these memories are once in a lifetime, right?

So, what started as a simple idea has turned into a mini-blog series! Today I’m starting off with 5 things you should get to bring with you that will help you document your trip like a pro! 

1)  Waterproof Phone Case

Most people think that you need to go out and buy a special camera for your honeymoon. The truth is, the iPhone in your pocket is a better camera than almost any point and shoot you’ll buy at BestBuy. And you already know how to use it! So my suggestion is to invest in a nice waterproof case for your phone and just use that as your main camera! The case will let you take it around water and sand without having to worry about it! My favorite is the Lifecase Nuud line. It’s waterproof but still lets you touch your actual screen! 

2) Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks have a bad reputation. I suppose for a good reason. Yes, you’ll look like a tourist, but if you want any decent photos of the TWO of you, you’ll want to have one of these. Don’t spend a ton of money, just pick up one like this on Amazon. You’ll be able to take some great selfies of the two of you that show off a little of the scenery, and not just your faces! 

3) Gorilla Pod

The #1 problem with getting photos on a honeymoon is that one of you is always taking the photo…so getting photos of BOTH of you in the same shot is harder than it sounds. Sure, you could ask a stranger to take a photo of the two of you, but that gets old quick. This Joby Gorilla Pod allows you to setup your phone anywhere to take a quick photo of the two of you. Learn where the self timer mode is in your phone app, and get ready to run quick to get in the photo! 

4) GoPro Hero 5 Session

Okay so you have your waterproof phone case, but sometimes you want to film something a little more EXTREME! If you know you’re going to be doing a lot of fun activities, you might want to look into a GoPro! These cameras are awesome because they’re tiny, easy to use, and super durable. I suggest the Hero 5 Session because it only has 1 button. Just hit record and your off and running! They’re super waterproof so you can dive with it for activities like snorkeling & scuba diving! Plus they sell a ton of different mounts so you can really take it anywhere! I personally think a selfie stick and head mount are a good place to start! Just know that if you do decide to film with a GoPro you’ll need to commit to editing later on! These types of cameras leave you with some AWESOME footage, but a lot of the “in between” moments as well. 

5) Portable Battery Pack

If you plan to use your phone as your main camera, you’ll end up using it a lot more than you would on normal day. This means that your battery is most likely going to die faster than normal as well. I suggest picking up a portable battery pack to make sure you have enough juice to last the whole day! The best part is that you can also charge your GoPro off a battery pack like this if necessary! 


Alright there you have it! With these few things, you’ll be ready to document your honeymoon like a pro! Check back next week for some tips on how to use this gear to get great looking shots! We’ll talk about some basics of lighting, storage options and tons of other tips to make sure you can document your honeymoon, stressfree! See you then! 


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