The Details

Almost every bride and groom we’ve ever worked with (ourselves included) have commented that their wedding felt like a whirlwind. Their biggest wish simply being for it to of lasted longer! While we love the photographs from our own wedding, and they speak volumes to the many special memories throughout the day, our wedding film serves a different purpose. It captures the moments, movements, and sounds in-between camera flashes (or clicks).

A video allows you to reminisce in a way that’s far beyond what a still image can achieve. For us, there is no greater satisfaction than getting to recreate those memories for our couples and share them within 8 weeks’ time. As for you? There’s nothing more precious than those memories and it’s those that you should invest in to savor the most important day of your life – for the rest of your life.

“Handcrafted films highlighting the memories
of that one time when…


The Handcrafted Film

When we say handcrafted, we mean things like attention to detail, celebration of your family and friends, consideration of your unique style and values, and the essence of all those little decor items you worked so hard on. We strive to ensure your video has an artful, signature touch that screams – “The (insert-your-future last-name-here).”

The Words You Never Want to Forget

Let’s be honest. What’s a movie without the audio part? Accordingly, one of the biggest days of your lives demands this feature and the thoughtful skill that brings it all back to life. We focus on capturing the words you never want to forget, from the “I Dos” to the speeches, to the rolls of laughter, to the spontaneous lines in between. Authentic narration and voice-over is a huge priority for us when creating your film. What about the music, you ask? We’ll cover that, too!

Quality Vendor Recommendations

Skilled in photography, but decidedly a video-only service, we’re experts in working with and alongside your photographer, creating in tandem to bring your vision to life. We’re always up for meeting new friends or we’re happy to provide a whole slew of referrals and recommendations that we’d trust to shoot our own wedding (ahemeven though we’re already married).


Beautiful Cinematic Coverage

If you ask us, your wedding video should be like that timeless family-favorite film that you love to sit down and watch together, over and over again. We use top of the line equipment to create a video that’s sharp, seamless, and something you’ll cherish for years to come. At roughly six to eight minutes long, us and our past clients have found this length to be the sweet spot! 



Vendor Raves

"The reason we prefer to work alongside of Tyler and Ashley is because we know that our clients get an even MORE amazing experience when we get to partner with other vendors that we love and trust! We have the same goals as the Herrintons on a wedding day. This means our couples get more footage, more photos and more time at cocktail hour! We know that when we go into a wedding day working with the Herrintons that our couples are going to have an incredible experience and so are we!! "

Tyler & Ashley are my go-to videographers! Not only are they so much fun to work with, but they are professional & experienced! They keep the couple's love story first in their minds, and do everything they can to tell that story through the wedding film! As a wedding planner, they help make my job easier with efficient communication before & on wedding day. I highly recommend them to my clients!

"These two have hearts of gold and their ability to create videos that their brides and grooms will cherish forever is seriously a dream. You’d be missing out not to hire them for your day!"

"They feel like you've been friends forever from the moment they walk in on your big day and go above and beyond-even after your wedding day! They are more than just "videographers", they take care of you on your special day and are on top of everything! They say, team work makes the dream work and that's exactly what you'll get with Ty + Ash!!"

"I enjoy working with Ty and Ashley not only because they are respectful, but because I know that they will treat my clients the same diligence and enthusiasm that I would. When we work together, it feels like we are an extension of one another's team rather than competing for time and space or working against one another. Ultimately, I know we are FOR one another because our end goal is the same...to produce our best work possible while serving our client well.”

"It is so important that the photographers and videographers work well together on a wedding day in order to ensure that every moment of the day is captured well. Working with Ashley and Tyler is such a treat for me because of how easy and fun it is to work with them! We were able to work as a team and make sure that everyone was getting the shots they needed. "

"I'm Michelle and I am the owner of One Sweet Day in May... I cherish my friendship with the Herrintons and working with them for over two years now has been such a joy. Ashley and Tyler are two of the most hardworking and generous people you will meet and their charismatic personalities are the cherry on top. If you haven't already, grab a cup of coffee (and a box of tissues) and spend sometime watching their wedding films. I promise you'll fall in love with their truly timeless work."

"Tyler and Ashley of The Herrintons have such an incredible talent for storytelling, and their passion for beautifully presenting a couple's one-of-a-kind love story is completely evident in their stunning work. If you're looking for a video that creatively showcases the true, heartfelt and authentic moments from your wedding day, I can not recommend The Herrintons enough. (Oh, and have your tissues ready when your film is delivered. Believe me - you'll need them!)"

We love when our clients tell us that they are working with Ashley and Tyler! Our amazing couples have spent so much time and energy creating and preparing for their wedding day, and it such a treat for them to know it will be beautifully captured and remembered on film. In addition to their technical skills, The Herrintons are beyond a pleasure to work with - happy, helpful and friendly!!