March 05, 2018

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Dear Monday, We’re back at Fireside Drive for four days before we fly out again – this time for the west coast! While this glorified homebody loves all things involving our little slice of real estate in RVA, I’m grateful for this opportunity to escape to warmer weather! Hopefully when we return, Virginia will be down with Spring time 🙌🏻

Dear The Residence, Have you ever read this book? It has been recommended to me by so many people! I really got to dive into it throughout our various flights this past week and I am LOVING it! I’ve always loved everything involving the white house life and presidencies so this book is right up my alley and FULL of so many interesting facts! I highly recommend it!

Dear Atlanta, I’ve traveled to and through you many times in my life, but I’ve never really explored around downtown until last week. We stayed right off Peach Tree Street and even though there aren’t a ton of restaurants marketed online around that area, there really are some great ones! Yelp is like my holy grail when we travel and it helped me about 0% while were there 😂 Alas, I still found some goodies! Some instafriends recommended some great restaurants to us but we had a pretty tight timeline so we often had to eat quickly and close by!

The first night we had some down time before the conference started so we took a Lyft over to Ponce City Market. We ate at Minero (the house margaritas were DELISH!) and grabbed dessert at Batter Cookie Dough (they had a vegan option!). SO good! We had incredible Pho at Pho 24. Some amazing pizza (Ty got that) and pasta (dairy free for me!) at Amalfi Pizza. And we boringly ate breakfast at the Corner Bakery every morning (because it was right across the street and easy!) BUT, the bacon and egg Power Flat is SO good. I ate it every morning sans cheese and I’m still dreaming about it 😂 

Dear Sleep Cycle App, You’re probably one of my favorite apps that I currently have on my phone. You make me feel so validated if I “wake up feeling tired” because I can see if I did/didn’t sleep that well the night before on my app SO easily!

The great thing is that when Ty and I both use it at night and are both connected to our wifi, our apps sync up. So if Ty is stirring more or talking in his sleep, my app can identify that it’s him and not me! SO amazing!!  

Dear Ty, Welp, the world found out one of our greatest kept secrets last week…that you won’t wear sweatpants outside of your “house” – these rules also apply when staying at a hotel and having to leave the room. This resulted in you have to change from your sweatpants to jeans not once but TWICE in one night 🙈 LOL!

Happy Monday friends! If you’ve been joining us on Tuesdays for the past seven weeks for a little filmmaker education, this week Ty is teaming up with Matt Johnson over on Matt’s Youtube channel. See you tomorrow, Tuesday the 6th at 7PM for a Live Filmmaking Q&A! 

The idea for Dear Monday developed from a deep love for storytelling. Letter writing kept us close in spirit though thousands of miles kept us physically apart for quite a while throughout our dating relationship. This became the foundation for what our business was built upon. The idea that “true love can go the distance”. And even the seemingly small things like a simple note here or there, two hearts can be connected and a story can be written that is so much more beautiful than our minds can simply dream up.

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