January 22, 2018

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Dear Monday, You are a good day to have a good day. Let’s do this!

Dear Snow, I know you made your presence known last week with a “light dusting” around RVA. But, (even for this warm weather loving soul) I’d love to see you show just one more time before winter is over. However, could I make a request with a heavy enough snow that it sticks to the trees? That’s legit my FAVE!! Sincerely, the girl who wants to build a snowman ✌🏻

Dear Crockpot Meals, You have been my JAM these past few weeks. There’s nothing better than knowing dinner is waiting on us rather than us waiting on dinner and me stressing over what to make. We’re on the cleaning eating crockpot train and so far have loved – this Indian Chicken + Lentils, Terrayki Chicken, Quinoa & Veggies, and Verde Chicken Chili! All SO good!!

Dear World, For the past few nights I have been falling asleep singing “now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae…” over and over again. The first few nights I thought it was funny. But after over a week of this song floating into my head as I’m drifting off to sleep…I’m mildly annoyed by it. Actually, I just really don’t understand where it’s come from. Like…it’s not like I’ve heard it on the radio recently or anything. Legit, the most bizarre. Any ideas on how to make this stop?! I’m all ears! 

Dear Ty, Remember when I had you stop on the way home last night so I could get a honey bun…these are the things I only ask for on road trips. I think all the sitting goes to my head 🙈 #regrets

Happy Monday friends! We’re gearing up for another busy week here at #firesidedrive! But first, gotta go hit up the grocery store so that Ty will still love me by the end of the day ;] 

Also, last Tuesday Ty and I hopped on Facebook live to talk about Pricing as Filmmakers. We loved hanging out with everyone so much, we’re hopping on again tomorrow, the 23rd at 7PM EST to talk about “Marketing in the Off Season.” You can head over to our Facebook page and “Like it” to be notified when we go live!

The idea for Dear Monday developed from a deep love for storytelling. Letter writing kept us close in spirit though thousands of miles kept us physically apart for quite a while throughout our dating relationship. This became the foundation for what our business was built upon. The idea that “true love can go the distance”. And even the seemingly small things like a simple note here or there, two hearts can be connected and a story can be written that is so much more beautiful than our minds can simply dream up.

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A true sweetheart from Southwestern VA, Ash spent many Sundays after church sitting around the table with her grandparents, listening to stories about the “good ‘ole days”. A talented visionary with a true heart for people, she’s likely to be found reading, writing, and planning away.

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