November 20, 2017

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Dear Monday, I’m coming at ‘cha from my favorite place in the world – the Outer Banks in North Carolina! Every Thanksgiving Ty and I head down here with my Momma’s extended family to spend the week together. It’s always one of our favorite weeks of the year!

Dear Fireside Drive, You officially got a good attic cleaning out last week. You know, the one thing I’ve been talking about for weeks on here that I’ve just continuously put off? I may have thrown away 90% of what we owned up there, but what’s left up there is all stored in plastic storage boxes that are easily accessible and labeled with exactly what’s inside. My organization dream! Seriously, if you’re ever looking for someone to come over and organize your goods, I’m your girl! #bestkeepsecret 

Dear Fall Bucket List, Is it weird to anyone else that Fall goes all the way up until December 20th? I know, this is a yearly occurrence, and really shouldn’t be that surprising. But, since starting our seasonal bucket lists, I’m become more aware of the “seasons changing”. My fall bucket has felt so “fall inspired”. But now I’ve had to update it to include the majority of our fun Christmas things because there’s only five days between the end of fall and beginning of winter. And there ain’t no way this girl can fit it all then. What are some of your yearly late fall “must dos” that I can add to my list?!

Dear Christmas, You are right around the corner. I’ve mentioned this before, but Ty is a big “no Christmas until after Thanksgiving” believer. I, however, have other feelings about that 😉 Ty left with my parents for the beach on Saturday morning (I had to stay behind for a church meeting yesterday). And I may have put up a few Christmas decorations for him to come home too. Because, I mean, it’ll technically be “after” Thanksgiving anyways, right?! Long live the Christmas cheer✌🏻

Dear Ty, Remember that one time you kept every single box from every single purchase you’ve ever made in your whole life? NBD, this organizing queen swept in and gotchu a box for all your boxes. Three to be exact 🙌🏻 In this size 🙈 (Side note: If I’ve learned anything in marriage, it’s that some things are better left just saying, “yes dear” even if you don’t understand the logic behind it. Hence why we now have three of these gigantic boxes full of boxes!)

Happy Monday sweet friends!! Happy (early) Thanksgiving to you and yours! We hope you have the best week!!

The idea for Dear Monday developed from a deep love for storytelling. Letter writing kept us close in spirit though thousands of miles kept us physically apart for quite a while throughout our dating relationship. This became the foundation for what our business was built upon. The idea that “true love can go the distance”. And even the seemingly small things like a simple note here or there, two hearts can be connected and a story can be written that is so much more beautiful than our minds can simply dream up.

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A true sweetheart from Southwestern VA, Ash spent many Sundays after church sitting around the table with her grandparents, listening to stories about the “good ‘ole days”. A talented visionary with a true heart for people, she’s likely to be found reading, writing, and planning away.

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