October 16, 2017

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Dear Monday, I woke up in my own bed this morning. That feels like a win for this on-the-go-never-really-at-home fall season we’ve got going on. BRB to “normal life” the first week of December 👌🏻

Dear Laundry, How is it possible that you always seem to be in need of washing? Obviously I understand the whole “you wear clothes every day” sitch, but really. I feel like I’m constantly doing laundry and there’s only TWO of us!  

Dear NOVA Traffic, I don’t miss you. BUT, Ty and I lucked out on Friday morning when we were traveling up from Richmond around 9AM. We didn’t hit one backup and even had time to stop for breakfast/a potty break. I was impressed! Maybe that time frame is the sweet spot! Duly noted👌🏻

Dear Moving, We’re not. BUT, Ty and I did rent a moving truck this past weekend to transport a couch and washing machine from his parents house to the house I grew up in//our house. It felt all too familiar to that one time we decided to move over the 4th of July weekend four years ago…along with everyone else and their mom, #nightmare. Luckily we just had two things in the truck this go around and not all of our worldly possessions. Needless to say, even though this experience was mediocre, I’d be alright never moving again…unless they install cruise control on the moving truck. Ya know…for Ty’s sake and mine as the driver following the moving truck.

Dear Ty, Remember that one time we went to Chipotle and you folded your burrito paper into a perfect square? Oh wait…that’s every time! And supposedly that little routine is overly satisfying to our Instagram Story world. Also duly noted!

Happy Monday friends! We have another beautiful wedding sneak peek coming at ‘cha in the morning! So of course, we’d love to have you circle back here to see it tomorrow!!

The idea for Dear Monday developed from a deep love for storytelling. Letter writing kept us close in spirit though thousands of miles kept us physically apart for quite a while throughout our dating relationship. This became the foundation for what our business was built upon. The idea that “true love can go the distance”. And even the seemingly small things like a simple note here or there, two hearts can be connected and a story can be written that is so much more beautiful than our minds can simply dream up.

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A true sweetheart from Southwestern VA, Ash spent many Sundays after church sitting around the table with her grandparents, listening to stories about the “good ‘ole days”. A talented visionary with a true heart for people, she’s likely to be found reading, writing, and planning away.

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