June 19, 2017

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Dear Monday, I just have one request, please don’t rain today!! Thank ya very much!!

Dear Household Chores, You are my least favorite thing about owning a house (insert two thumbs way down here). Specifically the things that I never remember to do, like changing the filter in the furnace. So much so I had Ty put it on the calendar for next month so we don’t forget, hahah!! But, my amazing Start Planner, has a whole section on seasonal chores that are easy to forget! I highly recommend it if you’re like me…forgetful ;]. 

Dear Drive-In, You remind me SO much of my childhood! I told Ty that I’d love to go last Friday on our way home but we were so sure it would be sold out by the time that we got to Lexington and we’d miss it. Well what do you know, we made it just in time!! Ty got me a sno-cone and some french fries and we watched Cars 3 (my favorite Pixar movies) from the front seats of our car!! By far one of my favorite impromptu dates together to date!! 

Dear Father’s Day, When Amber and I were little, they had a little Christmas Shop at school where you could buy gifts for your parents. I always wanted to buy Daddy a coffee mug that said something like “Best Dad Ever” or “I love you Dad” but he didn’t drink coffee. Well that all changed this year!! He gave up soda and started drinking a cup of black coffee a day (I’m SO proud!!). So my dream was finally fulfilled, and I gave him his first personalized coffee mug ever – “Don’t worry, Dad will fix it”. Nothing has ever been more fitting for him!! And how perfect, because next weekend he’ll be helping us put our bathroom downstairs back together, woohoo!!! Love ya Daddy!

Dear Ty, I woke up twice last week to you having emptied the dishwasher and put all the dishes away. That’s 100% my dream. This is me publicly saying I wouldn’t hate it if this continued ;]

Happy Monday sweet friends!! We hope you have a great start to your week!! It’s almost “officially” summer!!! 


The idea for Dear Monday developed from a deep love for storytelling. Letter writing kept us close in spirit though thousands of miles kept us physically apart for quite a while throughout our dating relationship. This became the foundation for what our business was built upon. The idea that “true love can go the distance”. And even the seemingly small things like a simple note here or there, two hearts can be connected and a story can be written that is so much more beautiful than our minds can simply dream up.

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A true sweetheart from Southwestern VA, Ash spent many Sundays after church sitting around the table with her grandparents, listening to stories about the “good ‘ole days”. A talented visionary with a true heart for people, she’s likely to be found reading, writing, and planning away.

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