May 15, 2017

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Dear Monday, Woof. That’s all.

Dear #bokehthebichpoo, We got to spend the last week with you and dropping you off with your Grandma last night was Ty’s saddest moment of the week. We LOVED having you around the house bud! You make the best snuggle companion!! And even if you did wake us up every morning with the sun to go potty, we always invite you back!!

Dear Veggie Straws, You are my biggest impulse buy when I go to Costco. After finishing a ginmourous bag, I always promise myself that I won’t buy another one. But alas, I do. And it’s the worst, best decision I make every grocery run. Seriously, I think it’s because you added the sweet potato straws to the mix. Those are the bomb.com. Just saying. 

Dear Waverly, You got baptized this weekend and we are SO grateful to have been a part of it little girl. Being your godparents is one of the biggest gifts and greatest joys of our life. We can’t wait to watch you grow into the woman that God created you to be…slowly though, very slowly ;]

Photos by this little one’s amazing Momma, Kristi McKeag Photography

Dear Ty, We’re leaving for one night for a shoot in Charlotte tomorrow and we successfully packed all of our things in one joint carry-on sized suitcase. I’m the proudest. Mainly because I convinced you to only bring that pair of shoes you currently have on your feet…#winning ;]

Happy Monday friends! I’m fighting the “I’m feeling behind” syndrome so hard today and just checking one thing off of my to-do list at a time! It’s all about progress, not perfection, right?! I hope you’re Monday is off to a productive start :]

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