How to Achieve a Cinematic Look with Color Grading

Today we’re back with another editing tutorial for you guys! We’re going to be in Premiere Pro talking all my process for color grading using  the Lumetri Color panel. Now if you know anything about color correcting or color grading in video, you know that for a really long time it was really daunting and difficult to learn and master. So much so that there are entire programs and professions dedicated to just color correction! 

Well, a few years ago Adobe released the Lumetri Color Panel, which completely changed the game for color correction. It uses the familiar slider system you would find in programs like Adobe Lightroom, or Photoshop Camera RAW. So for me, as someone with a photography background, this made color correction a whole lot easier and more accessible to me. 

Even still, everyone has their own unique way of working in Premiere so in this weeks video I walk you through my process for color correcting my footage, and exactly what I do to achieve a film-like look in my wedding films. I show three examples of lighting situations: one using artificial light in an interview setup, beautiful golden hour light from a wedding, and a reception lighting scene. These three scenes show a variety of lighting scenarios that are common to most filmmakers and how I approach them!

Thanks for watching and checking this out! Let me know what you think about this process by leaving a comment below! As always, I would love to answer any questions you might have!

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