Over the past 4 years of running this business together Ty and I have heard hundreds of different Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor speeches. Trust me when I say, we’ve heard it all. Funny ones, tearful ones, practical ones, cringe worthy ones, and ones where Ty and I are literally air high-fiving one another across the room. Why? Because we know that audio is going straight into the film.

You see, audio is the backbone to all of our films. Our goal is to make every single wedding film unique to the couple and to not only tell the story of their wedding day, but to tell their love story! We love using audio from the reception speeches because it gives an outside perspective on the bride and groom’s relationship. The person giving the speech usually knew the bride or groom before they met one another. Thus, they watched them fall in love and have been by their side through it all! That is the perspective we want to hear about and LOVE to use in our films!

Being an MOH at my sister’s wedding, I can attest to the great honor that comes along with filling that role. You’re the right hand woman or man to your best friend on one of the most important days of their lives. And along with the title, you have to deliver a noteworthy toast at the end of the night to the new Mr & Mrs…#nopressure.

It’s hard to compartmentalize what could be upwards of 20+ years of friendship, parenthood, or sibilinghood (yes, I just made that word up!!) into a 5 minute speech. You may have already sought out Google to give you all the best tips and tricks to make sure you include all the notable things, add in a little comic relief, and maybe even encourage a tear or two from your BFF. 

But, I’m here to give you a little extra help as well :] So, if you’re looking to nail your best man or MOH speech, here we go with 5 tips that will help you deliver a speech that’s not only memorable and praise worthy but most likely to wind up in the final film! 

Write it down

  • You may not be too fond of public speaking and that’s totally ok!! Not many people are! Having a written copy helps you avoid rambling, forgetting what you really wanted to say, or stumbling over your words! It shows that you spent some time thinking about your toast and planned it out. It can also help curve the nerves a bit because you have something to fall back on rather than trying to keep everything in the back of your mind! We understand, it’s a busy day with a lot going on!! And having a written copy leaves you with one less thing to worry about! There’s no shame in the written copy game, trust me ;]

Remember your audience

  • Remember it’s an honor to be in the role that you’re in. This isn’t a time to roast the bride or the groom or to bring up memories that they might not want shared with 100+ people that don’t know them the way that you do. Remember that they chose you to carry this title for a reason. They value your friendship and what you’ve meant to their life up until this moment. Here’s to hoping it stays that way post toast!! Also, on a side note – there’s nothing worse than transitioning to the toasts part of the night and the Best Man or MOH has already had too much to drink. Keep it classy folks! You’re one person that everyone at the wedding will remember for the rest of the night!! Let’s hope it’s for the right reasons!!

Explain how you know the bride or groom

  • The “content” part of the toast is often times that hardest part to nail down. But, the best thing you can do is not to overcomplicate it. First things first – it might be helpful to explain how you know the bride or the groom! Some people might not know who you are or how you’re connected to them. Sharing how you know him or her gives perspective to the other wedding guests as to how you fall into their story. 

Share a story

  • Everyone loves a little “remember when”. Whether that’s a story of how you knew she was “the one” for your best friend or when you first learned of the groom coming into your girl friend’s life. Use the connection to share how the bride and the groom impacted or changed one another’s lives. Or how you knew they were the perfect match. Use that story to encourage them, empower them, and remind them why or how it all began. But the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to stick with one story!! This is the climax of the toast and often times the most memorable! But you don’t want to drag it out for too long with telling numerous stories from age 8 to present day!! Just stick with one!

Make a toast

  • It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “speech” part of your toast and totally forget to make an actual toast. Share a quote, if you’re married, share a little piece of wisdom, or simply encourage them in their new life together. Keep it simple. Keep it short! Remember, it’s the end cap, so keep it brief!

And that’s it friends!! Writing a speech for your best friend’s big day as you fill one of the most important roles can be overwhelming. But, with a little bit of planning and intentionality it can be a highlight of the night!! And you might just see Ty and I fist pumping behind our cameras when you knock it out of the park!! We call this “audio gold” and that means we can use almost every bit of it in the film – win, win!!

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