I remember when Ty and I were planning our wedding, the last thing I thought we needed was a timeline. Like…I literally didn’t even know that people actually wrote those out before their wedding day. That is until our photographer called me and asked me to work through it with her.

Now after 4 seasons of working in the wedding industry, I totally see that having a timeline is not only super valuable, but it’s 100% a necessity.  As a new bride-to-be you have a million things to think about when planning your wedding day! I want to help make sure you don’t forget any of these key elements, and end up regretting it later!

If you have these five things on your timeline, your photographer and videographer might literally kiss your face!! And then throw up all the praise hands in honor of your forward thinking!! So, here we go!


1) Have Your Bouquet Delivered to the Getting Ready Room

Often times a florist wants to make as few deliveries as possible. In most cases, all of the florals are delivered to the ceremony site. However, if you’re getting ready in a different location separate from your ceremony site, your florals won’t be in any of the detail shots, which makes the shots feel incomplete! And, if you’re doing a first look and having your bridal party portraits taken before the ceremony, you won’t have your flowers! So, the moral of the story, have your bouquets + bouts delivered to wherever you’re getting ready!

Time recommended: As soon as the photographer/videographer arrives.


2) Solo Bridal Portraits

Bridal sessions are a huge thing in the south but aren’t quite as popular anywhere else in the states. That’s why we always try to snag some solo bridal shots before leaving the getting ready room. There’s just something so classic and elegant about having some solo shots of you right after you’re finished getting ready and are officially a “bride”!! (Also, having your bouquet on hand really completes your look here!!). 

Time recommended: 10 minutes 


3) Untouched Ceremony/Reception details

Usually, these two parts of the day have taken the most time to set up. So why not have a moment to have them documented before they are crowded with people?! As filmmakers, having these “establishing shots” really helps set the stage for our film and provide some b-roll to splice in to tell the full story of your day. Having to ask guests to kindly step out of the way of our shot isn’t quite as lovely! So, factor in time to have these two set ups documented!!

Time recommended: Untouched Ceremony – 15 minutes
                                       Untouched Reception – 20 minutes


4) Sunset Portraits

By this part of the day you’re probably over taking photos. BUT, I promise you, you don’t want to miss out on sunset portraits!! There’s just something that’s irreplaceable about golden hour light! It also gives you an excuse to slip away from the reception for a bit to enjoy some one on one time snuggling up in front of the camera!! I promise, you won’t regret it!

Time recommended: 15 minutes 


5) Staged Exit 

Most photographers and filmmakers offer hours with their packages. In some cases, the included hours might be up before your wedding is over. In these cases, we always recommend having what we like to call a “staged exit”. As filmmakers having a true conclusion to our films is important! And an exit provides the perfect opportunity for that to occur naturally!! So if for some reason your photographers or videographers contracts are up before the end of your wedding, add on a staged exit to your timeline. Gather just a few people for a more controlled exit (we usually just recommend your bridal party, parents, and immediate family) and “pretend” send you off! 

Time recommended: 15 minutes

There you have it friends!! If you’re planning your wedding I hope you found these tips helpful!! Happy planning!

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