Last night we wrapped up our 5th and final Facebook Live! We’ve taken you inside different areas of the backend of our business – from pricing, to marketing, to how we use Facebook, and contracts and finally – last night we talked all about questionnaires and how we utilize them to enhance our storytelling.

Utilizing questionnaires in your business can be the easiest way to get your couple’s story in their own words. And truthfully, what better “storyboarding” is there than that?! Here are three things to consider when creating your own questionnaire:

Think Outside of the Box

Steer clear of the “yes” // “no” questions. Ask questions that create more of a conversation to help your couple tell you their story in their own words! Asking something like “If you could pick one word to describe you as a couple, what would it be?” helps you get a better idea of their personalities, what they might be like together as a couple, and what they value. For example if they answer, “fun” – you can assume that they probably like to laugh, that they know how to have a good time together, and they are probably pretty easy-going. Right off the bat you can visualize what direction their film might be headed, right?!

Catch their vision

Asking something as simple as “What do you envision your ideal wedding day to be like?” gives you SO much insight into what you can expect from their wedding day. This is another great indicator of what they value, what’s important to them, and most likely what they’d like to see pop up in their film! If they answer with “we’re going for a bohemian feel with lots of greenery, macramé table runners – our ceremony is outside underneath the tree that we carved our initials in six years ago – I’m most likely going to bawl during my dad’s toast at the reception – etc, etc. You can already tell so much about how they see their day coming together which helps you plan out shots, know what’s most important to them, and piece their story together so much easier!

Ask them to engage with your work

If you’re asking your couple to share their wedding day Pinterest board for inspiration so you can get a “feel” for their day – you’re going to get slammed with other people’s work. If you ask them, “Are there any films of ours that really stand out to you?” they are going to stay on your site and sift through your work. That’s what you want!! You know the highlights of your films. So, if they are drawn to something in particular like the music in this film, or how the Father of the Bride’s speech was highlighted in that film, you automatically know that’s something that they value – and most likely, something that they would like to see show up in their film! More than anything, this helps keep your work at the forefront of their mind!

Next week we’re changing things up! We won’t be going live on Tuesday on Facebook. Instead, I’ll be hanging out on Instagram (@ashleyherrinton) taking you behind the scenes of our business! I’ll be showing you what I do each day to keep the backend of the business running! Come follow along with me and the hashtag – #behindthefilmbiz. 

Meet Ashley

A true sweetheart from Southwestern VA, Ash spent many Sundays after church sitting around the table with her grandparents, listening to stories about the “good ‘ole days”. A talented visionary with a true heart for people, she’s likely to be found reading, writing, and planning away.

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