In this week’s video, I’m sharing a tool we use that is crucial to our signature style. When it comes to filming weddings, we are strong advocates for shooting prime lenses! Prime lenses give us the dreamy, cinematic look we want to achieve in our films. But the only way to shoot prime lenses and still tell a great story is to change lenses often. 

That’s where this bag comes in. This bag allows me to carry the lenses I need on me at all times and allows me to switch them quickly. So with this system, I carry 2 lenses in the bag and one on my camera at all times during a wedding day. In this video, I show you exactly how I change lenses and highlight some of my favorite features about this specific bag. If you’re interested in any of the gear mentioned in this video, you can find those below! 

Gear Mentioned in this Video
Ona Bag
ThinkTank Bag
Filmmaking Gear We Use

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