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Meet Ty & Ash

We are a Virginia based husband and wife filmmaking duo who specialize in story driven wedding films, brand films for creative entrepreneurs & education for up and coming filmmakers.


Big Spring Farm Wedding Videography | John + Kaylee

One of our favorite things about journeying with our couples throughout their season of engagement is hearing their story of how their relationship began. But, the unique thing about John + Kaylee, is that we have known about them for years!! John’s brother, Buddy, and his wife, Jill, are some of our greatest friends. So Continue Reading


If you know anything about Ty, you know he loves Apple products and everything tech related. But as much as he loves learning new things, he loves sharing what he knows even more. So here you can expect to find things like his favorite apps, gear reviews, and updates from our YouTube channel. If you’re a business owner, filmmaker, or just an iPhone user - you’ll find something for everyone here!